A few slides about the project with rather vague information
We gonna drunk as a skunk. Grab your friends and come to craziest party with free sea of vodka and nachos. Live music and the best atmosphere in Miami.
coming soon...
Boozy Ape Launch Party in Miami
Let's drink a couple of bottles of whiskey and buy land in the metaverse for our first pub. And again just drink a bar of bottles and buy land.
coming soon...
Opening of the first Meta Pub
Pretty bottles of Vodka from our partners. Legendary Merch. Like T-shirts, caps and brutal pants.
coming soon...
Boozy Ape Store
We do cool events at our pub, we invite the celebrities. F*ck, we'll get Johnny Depp there and he'll be there. Because Johnny Depp knows how good we are and how good alcohol can be.
coming soon...
Events with celebrities
Acces to discounts and bonuses from our partners and sponsors. Discounts on alcohol and visits to bars and pubs around the world.
coming soon...
Boozy Ape Card
The most loyal and boozy will have the opportunity to influence the development of the project and gain access to the secret part of our meta-pub.
coming soon...
Secret form of DAO
Opening pubs in partnership with the biggest name brands.
coming soon...
Chain of Meta Pubs in all major metaverses.
Of course size matters. No one wants a small glass of wine.
Is there any alcohol with a strength of 90%?
coming soon...
100% alcohol