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The world's first meta-pub
A haven for META wanderers. It hosts celebrity meet-ups, stand-ups, cool parties and even weddings! Free alcohol for NFT owners. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Boozy Ape Meta Pub is open to you.
The workers of our pub

Creative Writer

Favorite drink: Calvados

Just writer, but drinks the least on the team. Boozy Ape’s best friend and our thought leader!


Favorite drink: Wine

Our artist and ambassador in Miami! His graffiti with Boozy Ape graces the street in Wynwood Hills.


Favorite drink: Water

The youngest and most ambitious member of the team! An excellent education and incredible charisma make Shaky the soul of our project.


Favorite drink: Whiskey

This guy knows a lot of celebrities. In fact, he is very famous himself, but he is very humble.

Ux/UI, graphic

Favorite drink: Wine

Diamond league of UX/UI. Creates interfaces even when absolutely drunk.